2015 Healing Foot Wash Theme Camp Participants

2015 Healing Foot Wash camp participants

We welcome any participants who share our vision for washing feet in a dedicated service camp at Burning Man.

Gabriel_20140912Gabriel Serafini
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Gabriel is enjoying organizing a Burning Man theme camp for the third year in a row with Healing Foot Wash.  Previously he helped lead the CS@Burning Man camp.  He’s a web designer and avid crew member on a number of racing sailboats in the San Francisco Bay.

Anna LisaAnna Lisa Kronman
Hometown: Orinda, CA
Anna Lisa delights in good wherever it appears, in art, the universe, and man, and loves tracing it to its divine, infinitely good source. She knows how to wash dishes, feet, and thinking, having been a mom, Christian Science nurse, and now a Christian healer, as a practitioner of Christian Science. She is delighted to be joining in this team’s purpose to “behold the perfect man”, practice grace, and live the Golden Rule (her take on the 10 Burning Man Principles, and daily life).

RachelRachel McClintick
Hometown: Kurtistown, HI
Rachel is a Christian Science nurse and loves to be helpful in whatever way she can.  She loves being with people and helping them to feel loved.  She also loves to contra dance, make jewelry, Spirograph art, hike, and bike.  She and her husband, Mark, moved to their property in Hawaii in May 2013.   They are in the process of designing their home and gardens, so life in Hawaii is like camping year round!  Rachel is looking forward to her second time at Burning Man.

MarkMark McClintick
Hometown: Kurtistown, HI
Aloha everyone!  My burner name is my self composed Hawaiian name…MAMONALU!
The first three letters are my initials, the O is supposed to have a peace sign in it with the Earth behind it …Hawaii just to the left of the center line of the peace sign and the Americas on the Eastern horizon symbolizing world peace from a Hawaiian perspective, and the Nalu is the Hawaiian word for wave…thus my Hawaiian Burner name MAMONALU stands for the Mark Andrew McClintick World Peace Wave!  I am married to my Beloved Rachel Anna McClintick for five years now!  We are planting our Aloha Garden Of Peace on the Big Island of Hawaii!!

PatriciaPatricia Brugioni
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Patricia loves Christian Science and sharing inspirations with fellow-travelers worldwide, whether in person or via online communities, and loves seeing how ideas unfold with all. She loves to write, read, take photos, sing, cook, travel, and she and her husband love anything outdoors, especially backpacking! She serves as assistant Committee on Publication, and has served as Second Reader for her Society. She is always open to any opportunity for spiritual growth!


Loren  has been attending Burning Man since 2012. He lives near San Francisco and is a recent graduate of San Francisco State University. At Burning Man, he volunteers at the Center Camp Coffee Shop. This year, 2015, will be his fourth year at Burning Man and his second year at Healing Footwash Camp.

BettyBetty Little
Hometown: Prospect, OR

CarolCarol Horen
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO