Healing Foot Wash 2022 Moop Clear
2022 Burning Man, Burning Man MOOP Map

Healing Foot Wash camp at Burning Man 2022 MOOP map results — Clear / Green!

Healing Foot Wash 2022 Moop Clear

We take the Burning Man “Leave No Trace” principle very seriously as part of our camp.  Once again we left no trace of our camp once we departed (as indicated by a clear / green indicator on the 2022 Burning Man MOOP map (we were located at 3:30 & G last year).  LOTS of neighbors however had red hot spots, and apparently last year there were way more tent stakes left in the ground than ever before. Read the full report here.

The Healing Foot Wash: Life Truth Love camp at Burning Man will be returning again in 2023 (already have our core camp tickets secured). If you’re thinking about camping with us this year, and think you would fit well with our vision, please contact Gabriel (gserafini@gmail.com) for more information.

Full 2022 Burning Man MOOP map: