Healing Foot Wash Burning Man Camp 2024
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Healing Foot Wash at Burning Man is placed again for 2024 – Find us at 2:30 & E

We’re excited to announce that the Healing Foot Wash camp has once again received placement in 2024 at Burning Man.

This year we’ll be located at 2:30 & E!

Healing Foot Wash Burning Man Camp 2024

We will be bringing 20 foot washing stations, our large shade structure, and plan to also bring an improved meditation space.

We have a couple of remaining tickets that we’ve been allocated that are still available. If you’ve thought about camping with the Healing Foot Wash in the past, and this might be a good year for you, please contact gserafini@gmail.com and we can see if you might be a good fit. )'(

Healing Foot Wash camp at Burning Man 2023