2016 Healing Foot Wash
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Find the Healing Foot Wash at 2023 Burning Man at 4:00 & Afanc!!!

Shade structure assembled

We are so excited to be bringing the Healing Foot Wash once again to Burning Man.  We just received our email from Placement confirming our location for this year: 4:00 & A.  This is likely to be a high traffic area, one street away from Esplanade!!!

Come find us!

2016 Healing Foot Wash

Healing Foot Wash camp is pretty popular

30 Foot Dome
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Selling our 30′ Geodesic Dome Tent for Burning Man by Shelter Systems – Update: Sold!

30 Foot Dome

Our camp is selling our 30′ geodesic dome used on playa at Burning Man 7 times. Originally paid over $3,200, asking $1200 or a trade for 2-3 decent condition Kodiak canvas tents. DM me if you’re interested, happy to make a good deal.

UPDATE: Dome has been sold and is on it’s way to being used by someone else.

Img 0184 Img 0183

Img 0185 Img 0186

2022 Healing Foot Wash Placed 3:30 and G
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Healing Foot Wash has been placed at 3:30 and G in 2022!

2022 Healing Foot Wash Placed 3:30 and G

Happy to announce we’ve been placed again this year. We’ll be in a new neighborhood for us, 3:30 and G.  Very much looking forward to seeing all of our friends in the desert and making new ones too! 🙂

Check out the 2022 2022 Black Rock City Guide here

2022 Healing Foot Wash Camp Plan
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Healing Foot Wash is returning to Black Rock City in 2022! Placement Questionnaire Submitted

Thanks to Stepheno & Anna Lisa for helping prepare our Placement Questionnaire for 2022 Burning Man.  We’re very excited to be returning again.  Stepheno (our current official camp main lead) prepped an amazing actual-to-scale basically professional layout. Way better than my Illustrator mock-ups.  Check it out, and hopefully we’ll see you in the dust SOOOOON!

2022 Healing Foot Wash Camp Plan

2021 Healing Foot Wash Self Placement
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Adventure camping! Come find us in the desert *Aug 29 – Sep 4, 2021* – “Plan B” – UPDATED estimated coordinates: 40.8109897, -119.1840921 – integrates.workshops.important

We’re bringing a minimal version of the Healing Foot Wash camp to the Black Rock Desert this year, from ~August 29 – September 4, 2021.  Since there is no official Placement process this year, we’ve “placed” ourselves, and will see how it goes once we get there.

Approximate Estimated Location: ~ 7:45 and D (on this year’s grid, remember, most likely limited or no street signs).
~About one camp south of Burners With Kids camp (~100 families with kids).

Tentative Map location

~GPS: 40.8109897, -119.1840921
~What3Words address: https://w3w.co/integrates.workshops.important

How to use What 3 Words in offline mode to find us:  https://www.blackrockdesertcamps.com/diy-placement

This is our target initial rendezvous point, as of tonight’s planning call, subject to change, but we’ll try to update final coordinates once we’ve established base camp.

We’re planning on bringing 6 sitting chairs, 100 gallons of water, all our usual foot washing supplies!

See you there?!?

Email contact: gserafini@gmail.com

2016 Healing Foot Wash

Healing Foot Wash Burning Man Theme Camp

Healing Foot Wash Burning Man Theme Camp
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Healing Foot Wash theme camp placed again for 2019! Find us at 6:15 & H this year!

2019 Healing Foot Wash Burning Man theme camp plan

Once again we are very grateful to the Burning Man Placement team for including us as a placed theme camp. We’ve now washed thousands of feet at Burning Man, and are looking forward to another great year.

Of special note this year — we’re planning to offer an after hours self-service foot wash station that will allow participants to use our setup in a limited way during evening hours when the main Healing Foot Wash camp / experience is closed. Hopefully we’ll see you out there!

Save Yer Soles Poster 16x20 front

Save Yer Soles Poster 16x20 back

2016 Healing Foot Wash
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Gabriel’s 2016 Healing Foot Wash Burning Man Theme Camp photos

This was our 4th year bringing the Healing Foot Wash camp to Burning Man. We had a great team this year and welcomed an estimated 1400-1800 people to our camp to participate in foot washing. Once again, people were moved and touched to be offered both the gift of having their own feet washed as well as the option to give that same gift to another visiting person. We were fully packed during our open hours from 9:30am – 5:00pm, Monday through the Saturday morning before the Burn. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

These are Gabriel’s photos from this year’s camp.

Thursday, August 25 — Packing the truck

Friday, August 26 — Fully packed and ready to roll!

Saturday, August 27 — Building camp

Monday, August 29 — Prepped and ready for visitors

Tuesday, August 30 — Foot washing in full effect, exploring Burning Man

Wednesday, August 31 — Bacon, zip lines, lines at our camp

Thursday, September 1 — Dust storms and a moment of relaxation

Friday, September 2 — Catacombs burn at sunrise, giant Buddha hand art car and a beautiful sunset!

Saturday, September 3 — Exploring the playa – awesome lighthouse, giant crows, temple and Space Whale!

Monday, September 5 – Tuesday, September 6 – Strike camp, head home, unpack!

2016 Burning Man Theme Camp, Burning Man, Camp, Placement, Planning

Healing Foot Wash camp has been placed for 2016!

Thanks to the Placement team at Burning Man, we’ve been placed again for 2016! This year Healing Foot Wash will be located in the vicinity of Rod’s Road @ 8:30 — on the road circling Center Camp. Very exciting!

Planning is in full force for our camp activities.  We currently have 13 participants signed up this year to bring this service

We’re interested in donations / contributions of:

  • Dr. Bronner’s soap
  • Vinegar
  • Hand / foot / body lotion of any kind
  • Salves
  • Clean / new pairs of socks (cotton / sports / athletic type, interesting patterns great!)

Please contact Anna Lisa at annalisakronman@gmail.com if you’d like to arrange to make a contribution of any of these items to our camp!

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Anna Lisa’s pictures and thoughts from 2015 Healing Foot Wash at Burning Man

Each of my three years at Burning Man has been a different experience, each with different challenges and opportunities.  2013 was a year of just getting out there in that dusty, vibrating, lively place, learning that by our kind acts and loving embrace of all came by, we were living Church in an unchurchy place.  Finding a spot at the outer fringes of the Black Rock City, we washed perhaps about 100 pairs of feet, and gave away a lot of copies of Science and Health, the textbook on healing spiritually, by Mary Baker Eddy.  In 2014, we applied for and received “placement”, meaning our camp was recognized as being of sufficient value to have a designated spot.  We were placed close to some big sound camps, and across from the Spank Bank… and interesting answer to prayer about where to be placed!  Embracing the opportunity, we continued to wash feet to the amazement of many, sharing with folks who were interested what moved us to do so.  We probably washed at least 300 pairs.  In 2015, we were placed near the heart of the Center Camp neighborhood, and found people were both delighted and grateful for clean feet, and generally accepted the invitation to wash their neighbor’s feet.  Giving them that opportunity proved a surprising and very enriching gift for many.  Each day, all 16 chairs were occupied most of the day, with folks waiting (patiently) for their turn. We estimate that well over 1,000 folks had their feet washed.  Most of those 1,000 stayed to wash someone else’s feet.  Here are a few moments from my 2015 week.

Healing Foot Wash
2015 Burning Man, Burning Man, Burning Man Pictures, Camp, News

Healing Foot Wash camp at Burning Man 2015

Some more pictures from our time at Burning Man 2015. Over a thousand people had their feet washed and also had the opportunity to give the gift of washing feet at Burning Man this year. A lot of work and a great success!