Healing Foot Wash 2023 Site Plan
2022 Burning Man, News, Placement, Planning

Just submitted our 2023 Healing Foot Wash theme camp at Burning Man Placement Questionnaire!

Healing Foot Wash 2023 Site Plan

Thanks to Stepheno for the awesome design again this year. Such an improvement over the hand-drawn not-to-scale versions I did long ago.

Placement questionnaire submitted today!

2022 Healing Foot Wash Camp Plan
2022 Burning Man, Burning Man, Camp, Placement, Planning

Healing Foot Wash is returning to Black Rock City in 2022! Placement Questionnaire Submitted

Thanks to Stepheno & Anna Lisa for helping prepare our Placement Questionnaire for 2022 Burning Man.  We’re very excited to be returning again.  Stepheno (our current official camp main lead) prepped an amazing actual-to-scale basically professional layout. Way better than my Illustrator mock-ups.  Check it out, and hopefully we’ll see you in the dust SOOOOON!

2022 Healing Foot Wash Camp Plan

2021 Healing Foot Wash Self Placement
2021 Not Burning Man, Camp, News, Placement, Planning

Adventure camping! Come find us in the desert *Aug 29 – Sep 4, 2021* – “Plan B” – UPDATED estimated coordinates: 40.8109897, -119.1840921 – integrates.workshops.important

We’re bringing a minimal version of the Healing Foot Wash camp to the Black Rock Desert this year, from ~August 29 – September 4, 2021.  Since there is no official Placement process this year, we’ve “placed” ourselves, and will see how it goes once we get there.

Approximate Estimated Location: ~ 7:45 and D (on this year’s grid, remember, most likely limited or no street signs).
~About one camp south of Burners With Kids camp (~100 families with kids).

Tentative Map location

~GPS: 40.8109897, -119.1840921
~What3Words address: https://w3w.co/integrates.workshops.important

How to use What 3 Words in offline mode to find us:  https://www.blackrockdesertcamps.com/diy-placement

This is our target initial rendezvous point, as of tonight’s planning call, subject to change, but we’ll try to update final coordinates once we’ve established base camp.

We’re planning on bringing 6 sitting chairs, 100 gallons of water, all our usual foot washing supplies!

See you there?!?

Email contact: gserafini@gmail.com

2016 Healing Foot Wash

Healing Foot Wash Burning Man Theme Camp

2016 Burning Man Theme Camp, Burning Man, Camp, Placement, Planning

Healing Foot Wash camp has been placed for 2016!

Thanks to the Placement team at Burning Man, we’ve been placed again for 2016! This year Healing Foot Wash will be located in the vicinity of Rod’s Road @ 8:30 — on the road circling Center Camp. Very exciting!

Planning is in full force for our camp activities.  We currently have 13 participants signed up this year to bring this service

We’re interested in donations / contributions of:

  • Dr. Bronner’s soap
  • Vinegar
  • Hand / foot / body lotion of any kind
  • Salves
  • Clean / new pairs of socks (cotton / sports / athletic type, interesting patterns great!)

Please contact Anna Lisa at annalisakronman@gmail.com if you’d like to arrange to make a contribution of any of these items to our camp!

2015 Burning Man, Camp, News, Planning

2015 Burning Man Theme Camp Placement Application Submitted!

2015 Healing Foot Wash Placement layout

Thanks to help and urging from Rainbow Rachel and Anna Lisa, we just finished our 2015 Burning Man Placement application for Healing Foot Wash.  Hopefully we’ll get placed into the 6:00 sector this year, but if that doesn’t work out second choice is 9:00 streets or plaza area.

Camp/Village Name?
Healing Foot Wash

Interactivity Description
We are bringing foot washing to Burning Man for the third year in a row.  We have a proven 4 step process that uses a total of about 1/2 cup of water per person and leaves them feeling wonderful, refreshed and relaxed.  We have a beautiful 40’x60′ open shade structure that encourages visitors to wander into camp and sit in our comfortable and sturdy chairs.  We have a single rule for the foot washing experience — You must have your feet washed by another person before you are allowed to wash someone else’s feet.  Each visitor is encouraged to participate both as a recipient and as a giver.  Our visitors regularly spend between 15 minutes to several hours enjoying the oasis environment.  This is a true practice of love and service, operating from just after breakfast (~9am) to dinner time (~6pm) every day.

Here are some experiences camp members had last year:

Project Interactivity
Primarily Day Time,Acculturation for First time Burners,Chill Space,Create an Environment,Entertaining Guests,Environmentally conscious,Meditation,Services Rendered,Shared Experience,Theme-related activities

Number of Campmates
16 to 20

We invite each visitor to directly participate both as a recipient and as a giver of a fantastic foot wash experience.  This is both practical and loving, and is one of the best gifts we know how to give.

Physical Description
We have a 40’x60′ established shade structure that provides billowing silver shade cloth protection from the sun.  It is 12′ tall in the center and is open on all sides.

We have carpet and beautiful heavy cushioned chairs for people to sit on and relax while their feet are being washed.  Each person is encouraged to stay as long as they wish.

We use primarily batteries and solar panels for power needs.  No generators.

Tents and vehicles are kept near the back of the camp.  The feeling of the camp is very open and welcoming.

Know anyone who is going to Burning Man this year who might like to join our camp?  Drop me a line: gserafini@gmail.com

2015 Burning Man, Burning Man, Camp, Expectations, News, Planning, Video

Vision for the Healing Foot Wash Camp at Burning Man

Healing Foot Wash

Washing feet in 2014 at Burning Man

We are a family-friendly service camp at Burning Man devoted to sharing love for our fellow human beings by washing their feet and providing a quiet sanctuary for rest, relaxation and conversation.

We have no agenda other than to practice love.  We are open to all who wish to participate in this giving activity.

Video from 2013 Burning Man, showing the simple method we used to wash over 200 people’s feet

Expectations for participants in the Healing Foot Wash theme camp:

Read thoroughly and understand the Burning Man Survival Guide, First Timers Guide and the 10 Principles — we strive to follow these principles and guidelines in our camp activities.

Subscribe to the official “Jackrabbit Speaks” Burning Man email newsletter.  Every issue is jam-packed with excellent up-to-the-minute information that you will benefit from.  Subscribe here.

Purchase your ticket.  Burning Man has a detailed explanation of what you’ll need to do at http://tickets.burningman.org.  You will need to follow their instructions exactly.  Plan for tickets to sell out in the first minute they’re available, so be at your computer before then.  As a member of our camp, you may be invited to participate in the Directed Group Sale, meaning you will have an early opportunity to purchase a ticket.

Plan your own transportation to get to Burning Man.  You can carpool with other participants, take the Burner Express bus or drive your own vehicle (vehicle pass required in addition to your own ticket).

Plan to bring your own food and shelter to Burning Man.  (Update: This may change depending on the year, some years we do a group meal plan). In previous years we’ve coordinated a group shelter and food for the entire group.  This year we are going with individual preparation and/or small self-organized pods within our larger group.  Burning Man is a harsh environment and requires a good amount of preparation (see the Survival Guide).

Plan to be available for semi-regular conference calls.  These will likely occur more often as the event gets closer and logistics need to be figured out.

Be responsive on the email list once you’ve committed to the group.

Plan to spend a minimum of 3-4 hours each day in camp washing feet, refilling bottles and supplies, and talking with people when it is your assigned shift to do so.  This is the main activity this Camp does and is its primary reason for being.  There are literally thousands of other things you could be doing at Burning Man at any given moment, so it is important that you are committed to participating fully in giving this particular gift to the community.  We wash feet between approximately 9 AM and 6 PM (from after breakfast until it’s time to eat dinner).  You should see yourself as an integral part of this process, and plan to participate accordingly.  We have a sign-up sheet with shifts for participants.  Missing shifts without arranging for someone else to fill in is grounds for not being invited back to camp with us next year.

Plan to help strike camp and clean-up / MOOP the camp area thoroughly before we leave.

Practice the Golden Rule as much as possible — treat one another the way you would like to be treated.  Give the respect and love you wish to get.

Bring your best ideas, enthusiasm and good intentions to Burning Man.

NOTE: The Healing Foot Wash camp is a family-friendly group that welcomes hundreds of Burners to our space each year.  We ask that every participant understand that as the hosts of this space, we interact with our visitors with respect, integrity, and commit to maintain a safe space for people to visit and experience our gift.  This isn’t the place at Burning Man to practice your pick-up lines.


And finally…

No drama llamas.  Keep it fun folks!