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2015 Burning Man Theme Camp Placement Application Submitted!

2015 Healing Foot Wash Placement layout

Thanks to help and urging from Rainbow Rachel and Anna Lisa, we just finished our 2015 Burning Man Placement application for Healing Foot Wash.  Hopefully we’ll get placed into the 6:00 sector this year, but if that doesn’t work out second choice is 9:00 streets or plaza area.

Camp/Village Name?
Healing Foot Wash

Interactivity Description
We are bringing foot washing to Burning Man for the third year in a row.  We have a proven 4 step process that uses a total of about 1/2 cup of water per person and leaves them feeling wonderful, refreshed and relaxed.  We have a beautiful 40’x60′ open shade structure that encourages visitors to wander into camp and sit in our comfortable and sturdy chairs.  We have a single rule for the foot washing experience — You must have your feet washed by another person before you are allowed to wash someone else’s feet.  Each visitor is encouraged to participate both as a recipient and as a giver.  Our visitors regularly spend between 15 minutes to several hours enjoying the oasis environment.  This is a true practice of love and service, operating from just after breakfast (~9am) to dinner time (~6pm) every day.

Here are some experiences camp members had last year:

Project Interactivity
Primarily Day Time,Acculturation for First time Burners,Chill Space,Create an Environment,Entertaining Guests,Environmentally conscious,Meditation,Services Rendered,Shared Experience,Theme-related activities

Number of Campmates
16 to 20

We invite each visitor to directly participate both as a recipient and as a giver of a fantastic foot wash experience.  This is both practical and loving, and is one of the best gifts we know how to give.

Physical Description
We have a 40’x60′ established shade structure that provides billowing silver shade cloth protection from the sun.  It is 12′ tall in the center and is open on all sides.

We have carpet and beautiful heavy cushioned chairs for people to sit on and relax while their feet are being washed.  Each person is encouraged to stay as long as they wish.

We use primarily batteries and solar panels for power needs.  No generators.

Tents and vehicles are kept near the back of the camp.  The feeling of the camp is very open and welcoming.

Know anyone who is going to Burning Man this year who might like to join our camp?  Drop me a line: gserafini@gmail.com