2016 Healing Foot Wash
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Gabriel’s 2016 Healing Foot Wash Burning Man Theme Camp photos

This was our 4th year bringing the Healing Foot Wash camp to Burning Man. We had a great team this year and welcomed an estimated 1400-1800 people to our camp to participate in foot washing. Once again, people were moved and touched to be offered both the gift of having their own feet washed as well as the option to give that same gift to another visiting person. We were fully packed during our open hours from 9:30am – 5:00pm, Monday through the Saturday morning before the Burn. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

These are Gabriel’s photos from this year’s camp.

Thursday, August 25 — Packing the truck

Friday, August 26 — Fully packed and ready to roll!

Saturday, August 27 — Building camp

Monday, August 29 — Prepped and ready for visitors

Tuesday, August 30 — Foot washing in full effect, exploring Burning Man

Wednesday, August 31 — Bacon, zip lines, lines at our camp

Thursday, September 1 — Dust storms and a moment of relaxation

Friday, September 2 — Catacombs burn at sunrise, giant Buddha hand art car and a beautiful sunset!

Saturday, September 3 — Exploring the playa – awesome lighthouse, giant crows, temple and Space Whale!

Monday, September 5 – Tuesday, September 6 – Strike camp, head home, unpack!